SBTS Campus Wi-Fi Report

We created this form to provide our employees and students with a way to give feedback on their on-campus Wi-Fi experience. Bad or good, the more details that we have about the varying Wi-Fi experiences on campus help us to diagnose issues and where improvements we've made are making a difference. Just a few of the factors that affect your Wi-Fi experience on campus include:

To kick things off, we are hosting a drawing for an iPad Air 2 for any on-campus students that submit the form. For the full details, go to

We have detected that your internal IP address is:
If you need some help figuring out how to run a speed test, please check out the article at

* This list of buildings are the campus wireless network is provided. If you are in Springdale or Grinstead Apartments, we do not provide wireless; each apartment has a wired port.
* If you are following @sbtstech on Twitter using the username above at the time that the drawing ends, it will count for an additional entry in the drawing.